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App Design

Pasadena, 2020

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UX Research
4 Weeks
UI/UX Design
Nov - Dec 2020
User Testing


In the landscape of contemporary athletics, CourtConnect stands out as a trailblazing sports assistant app dedicated to the fervent basketball community. The development of CourtConnect is inspired by the drive to digitally enhance the basketball experience for players at every level, providing them with a vibrant network and innovative tools to enjoy the game they love.


CourtConnect is a pioneering mobile application that capitalizes on the spontaneous nature of pick-up basketball games. It is crafted for basketball enthusiasts who seek to spontaneously engage in the sport while joining a wider community of players. This application is designed to cater to the on-the-go nature of its users, providing a platform to easily find and participate in random basketball games in their locality, track personal playing stats, and connect with a network of like-minded individuals.


Performance Tracking: Users can monitor their performance with sophisticated metrics that analyze their gameplay, offering insights and personal growth opportunities.
Random Game Discovery: The app features a 'Join Game' function that allows players to enter random games based on their location, availability, and skill level, encouraging new challenges and experiences.
Community Engagement: CourtConnect offers a community platform within the app that includes player profiles, forums for discussion, and tools for social interaction, promoting a sense of camaraderie and support.
Event Participation: The app not only allows players to join games but also promotes various basketball events, fostering a sense of belonging and community participation.
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Project Goals

To create an intuitive and user-friendly mobile application for basketball players
To encourage spontaneous participation in basketball games, enhancing the sporting experience
To build a robust and active community around the sport of basketball
To provide a platform for continuous skill assessment and personal development

Target Users

The primary target audience includes casual and amateur basketball players, basketball enthusiasts, and individuals seeking fitness and social interaction through sports.
Secondary audiences could include local sports facilities, schools, and basketball event organizers.


The purpose of CourtConnect is to simplify the process of finding, joining, and enjoying basketball games. It eliminates the traditional barriers to sports participation such as scheduling conflicts and planning difficulties. There is a distinct need for a solution that brings together disparate groups of players who are looking for casual games, whether they're looking to compete, exercise, or simply have fun.

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Layout Design

Design System


CourtConnect aims to be the go-to mobile application for basketball players seeking a spontaneous, social, and competitive sports experience. By leveraging technology, CourtConnect will unite basketball communities, facilitate skill improvement, and promote a healthy, active lifestyle.

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