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Cockpit Redesign for Lucid

HMI Design

Pasadena, 2022

My Role




UX Research
Mingshang Wang
13 Weeks
UI/UX Design
Steven Mao
Jan - Apr 2022
Playbook XR


This project aims to redesign the cockpit and Human-Machine Interface (HMI) of the Lucid Air, an electric luxury vehicle, with a focus on enhancing the user experience. The redesigned cockpit will prioritize intuitive usability, ergonomic comfort, and aesthetic appeal, while the HMI design will ensure easy access to vital information, efficient control over vehicle settings, and seamless connectivity.

Problem Statement

Currently, there is a trend of adding more personalized features to cars to enhance the driver's experience. However, these features often require each driver to individually make adjustments, limiting the overall user-friendliness of the service.

The Big Idea

Driven by our 'Single-action setup' philosophy, our mission is to deliver an unparalleled driving experience, seamlessly tailored from the very first touch.

· Easy Interactions
· Fast response
· Accessibility for all users


· Natural interactions
· Multi-modal: touch, voice, and gesture
· Activity-driven and human-centric design


· Innovative, expressive interfaces
· World-class visual design
· Surprising and helpful features


· Customized system
· Predicts user behavior and needs
· Learns and adapts to users

Screen Layouts

Basic Controls

· Basic lighting and wipers control with brightness/intensity adjustment
· Lock/unlock features for doors and windows
· Charger functionality


· Alerts for speed and current road speed limits
· Endurance metrics and remaining battery indicator
· Display of current vehicle gear
· Rear traffic alert feature


·Recommended destinations feature
· Option to add an address
· Swipe up or down to navigate to the next address card


· Weather
· Playlist

Charging Status
Navigation Bar

· Customized features
· Saved automatically

Seats Adjustment

· Adjustments
· Visualized Data
· Gesture Controls (drag, swipe, tap, etc.)

Info & Presets

· Adjustments
· Data
· Carousel-like Profiles
· Add/Edit Presets


Facial Recognition

The Lucid Air is equipped with an advanced facial recognition system that swiftly identifies the driver upon entry, automatically adjusting preferences like seat positioning, climate control, and navigation routes, providing a seamless and tailored driving environment for each user.

Speed Change

The Lucid Air features a dynamic speed warning system that actively monitors the vehicle's speed in relation to the road's speed limit, alerting the driver with a clear visual cue when they're exceeding the set limit, ensuring safer and more compliant driving.

Seat Positioning

The Lucid vehicle boasts an intelligent seat positioning system, allowing individual customization for both the driver and passenger. The system also offers saved settings, enabling quick access to preset configurations for multiple users, ensuring optimal comfort and convenience during every journey.

Audio Staging

Our Lucid Air introduces an innovative audio staging feature, allowing occupants to personalize the sound experience within the cabin. Through a user-friendly interface, users can pinpoint specific areas in the vehicle where they'd like to emphasize sound, creating an immersive audio environment.

Parking Assistant

The Lucid vehicle is equipped with a state-of-the-art parking assistant feature, designed to simplify tight parking scenarios. This system provides a bird's-eye view of the vehicle's surroundings, ensuring precision and safety. The intuitive interface showcases the car's orientation and offers real-time guidance, allowing the vehicle to rotate or maneuver accurately.

Charging Status

The Lucid vehicle features a charging status interface, allowing drivers to effortlessly monitor their vehicle's energy levels. Displayed prominently is the available range, providing a clear percentage of battery life. The intuitive layout and real-time updates ensure that drivers remain informed and can manage their driving and charging schedules efficiently.


Background Digging
Competitive Analysis

Web surveys, rankings, and other objective data.

The data collected from the public, which covers the people of various ages, occupations, and driving years.

Understand how different vehicles are driven as well as analyze their pros and cons.

of new car buyers in the U.S. say they “must have” CarPlay

Background Digging

Compared to the old-fashioned driving experience with all-embracing button controls, people are now more concerned with the display of the in-car screens and how to work with them.

of buyers are “interested” in having CarPlay when buying a new vehicle

of new cars sold support Apple Carplay in the U.S.


"Driving safety is the most important, all other is secondary."


"The beauty of the journey is not just the landscape, but more the interaction with the people in the car."

Novice Friendly

"Driving skills accumulated over the years are not as good as just having a whole set of intelligent assistance systems."


Heuristic Analysis

We employ heuristic analysis and assign scores on a scale of 1 to 5 based on the experience of various car models and brands. This helps us gain a deeper understanding of the interactive systems they utilize. By identifying potential shortcomings in these systems, we can refine and enhance our own designs for Lucid, ensuring an optimized and superior user experience.

· Touch Screen
· Vertical Tablet
· Voice Assistant
Mercedes-Benz EQS
· Full Touch Screen
· Co-Pilot Screen
· Three Screens
Mazda 3 Carbon Edition
· Non-Touch Screen
· Knob Control
· One Screen

Key Takeaways

Based on the research, we found that the main directions to consider in the design phase are:


Easy-to-understand icons help users fully utilize every feature.

It's not about the layout of the interface, but how the system plans the placement of its sub-functions.

Some functions the driver cannot operate at all times, requiring assistance from other passengers.

Personas & User Journey Maps

By utilizing personas and user journey maps, we gain insights into the diverse needs of different drivers. There are two distinct types of drivers we've focused on: novice drivers and those who are parents. These insights help identify their pain points, which inform our future design decisions.

For Current Model of the Lucid Air

We've conducted a heuristic evaluation on the current iteration of the Lucid Air, benchmarking its performance on a systematic scale from 1 to 5. This comprehensive assessment sheds light on the model's distinct strengths and opportunities for enhancement.

Subsequently, it became evident that for families sharing a single vehicle, the desire for a multitude of tailored features to enhance the driving experience can pose a challenge. This is mainly because the majority of vehicles are not equipped to discern and adapt to individual driver preferences.

Overview of the Cockpit Design

In the Lucid Air's cockpit design, the right side of the Glass Cockpit has the capability to transfer information or modules to the Pilot Panel. This interactivity ensures that modules not immediately needed for driving on the Glass Cockpit's right side can be dragged down to the Pilot Panel. Conversely, the Pilot Panel can transfer modules to the Glass Cockpit in a similar manner.

Information Architecture of the Interactive System

Visual Identity

Atomic Design System

UI Element

Driving Simulation

To thoroughly assess our driving experience, we engaged Playbook XR to craft a virtual reality simulation of this HMI interaction. Within this VR system, users will have an immersive view of the dashboard from a first-person perspective, offering a true-to-life experience of the interface.

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